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WLCSD Admits to Illegal Political Coordination but Fails to Implement Reforms

During the 2022 election the Walled Lake Consolidated School District was illegally using school resources to promote and raise political monies for a teacher union PAC. The stated goal of those involved was to fight against parents! WLCPR investigators discovered irrefutable evidence of this illegal activity and brought it to the District's attention in a demand letter on December 15, 2022.

The District, apparently hired a law firm, Miller Johnson Attorneys. The attorney stated,

"This letter is to follow up and provide you notification that the matter has been investigated and addressed. The School District has further been assured that such emails will not be sent in the future using the School District resources."

The District has admitted to wrong doing, however, it has failed to offer any evidence that such illegal activities were dealt with nor has the District established any policies to assure this will not happen again.

Are parents and taxpayers just supposed to take the District's word for it?

The taxpayers have a right to know that the District is NOT violating the law. Parents have a right to know that the District and teachers are not politically targeting them. And the School Board has the responsibility to set policy, demand compliance to the law, and represent the parents.

  1. Who else from the District was complicit in illegal campaign fundraising and misuse of school property? How many schools? How many teachers? How many administrators?

  2. Did an investigation utilizing a non-partial third party occur?

  3. How was the investigation carried out?

  4. What were the findings of the investigation?

  5. How much money was raised and, specifically, to which campaigns and organizations were these contributions given?

  6. Are there disciplinary actions that have been taken against the individual(s) and organization(s) that committed these violations?

  7. Have preventative measures, with consequences, and reporting been put in place? What are these measures?

  8. If any or all of these items have been left unaddressed, who is making these decisions and why?

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Teresa Renaud
Teresa Renaud
Jun 01, 2023

Do we know the name of the PAC to check if it is still active?

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