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Now, more than ever, we must come together for our children’s wellbeing.

Our Priorities:


We are seeking to build a positive, constructive alliance with Walled Lake Consolidated Schools in order to foster a safe, transparent learning environment that allows our students to exercise their freedoms and liberties. By engaging in positive, informed dialog with the school district, teachers, and other parents, we can drive the change we want to see and ensure a better learning environment for our children now and in the future.


We all want our children to learn in a safe environment. We are here to promote proven safety practices and ensure our school’s are fostering an environment where every student can succeed without fear or intimidation.


We believe an individual’s right to choose to is paramount to their overall freedom, physical and mental health, and wellbeing. We are taking a stand for choice, whether it’s being able to choose to not wear a mask in school or to not be forced to take a vaccine.


As taxpayers and parents, we have a right to know what is being taught in our schools. We believe that parents should be involved in the crafting of the curriculum and be allowed to review what is being taught in the classroom.

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