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CONGRATULATIONS  Fernandez, Levin, & Tice on a decisive victory!


Julie Fernandez

Julie is an accomplished businesswoman with years of experience in HR management in very large companies as well as extensive experience on corporate and non-profit boards for large organizations. She is a longtime resident in the Walled Lake District, graduated from WLCSD, and raised her family in the Walled Lake Schools.

“If elected to the Walled Lake school board, I hope to ensure your voice is a bigger part of the conversations, that we open up channels to operate transparently, and together we RESTORE TRUST to bring the best possible public school education to our children today and in the coming years.”


Shayna Levin

Shayna is an accomplished businesswoman with years of experience as owner of a successful Insurance Company in Commerce Twp. She has been a strong community advocate serving in the Walled Lake Schools, Oakland County, and non-profit charities.

Shayna believes that trust and transparency are paramount to a successful school board, and she feels those have been lacking under the current administration. Literacy and educational outcomes have also suffered greatly over the last couple of years.


Christy Tice

Christy is an accomplished educator with years of experience teaching elementary and middle school students. In addition to teaching Christy also has enjoyed coaching both volleyball and basketball. This upcoming school year she will be undertaking a new role as elementary principal while carrying out some teaching responsibilities.

“I want to raise the bar on academics, parental involvement, and transparency.” She believes that students, teachers, and administration need to be held accountable, and it is time to start inspecting what we expect.

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