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Parents Must Stand Up for Our Girls! Be Inspired by Riley Gaines and Her Fight To Save Women's Sport

Be Inspired by Riley Gaines and Her Fight To Save Women's Sport. This incredible athlete was robbed of her opportunity of a NCAA Championship because the league let a biological male compete in female swimming. This intrusion of biological males into female sports is not restricted to college, but is now impacting High School aged students and younger generations.

May 11th, Riley Gaines will be speaking in Troy Michigan. Get your Tickets today.

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If we follow the science in the same manner as we are told to do with Covid19,the vaccines,Climate Change and other issues then we can only come to one conclusion. Trans-sexuals can not exist. It is not supported by any scientific measure. If this hurts the feelings of a populations that is less than one tenth of 1 % of the population,so be it. When schools promote this and convince your child they can be whatever sex they want and hide it from you the parent, it then becomes predatory and abuse. I am not saying Walled Lake Schools is part of this..but what books are in their library?

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