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Walled Lake Schools Where is the Security Plan?

At the March 2023, board meeting, during a robust discussion about utilizing school security funds to purchase buckets and kitty litter, it was revealed that there is a sizable security fund and a plan or report.

The security fund is in excess of $1 Million. And the plan is no where to be seen.

Why has the School Board NOT been provided with the safety plan? Isn't this one of the top priorities of the school and its Board, the safety and security of the students and staff?

For years parents have asked for additional security measures to be enabled in the Walled Lake School District. This has included suggestions to have armed security in each of the schools. However, these requests have fallen on deaf ears, often with budgetary excuses or no response at all.

One parent introduced the idea of utilizing off duty police officers as is the practice with other schools in the area. This not only provides well trained personnel, but also reduces cost as benefits are already provided by their primary employer.

Another time a parent provided a list of grant opportunities that could be used to fund the positions. But as far as anyone knows, this was never pursued.

Why the delay?

What is the plan?

Contact the School Board today and encourage them to demand the plan from the administration. - EMAIL THE BOARD

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