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Why is Dr. Bernia Refusing Parental Opt-Out?

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Walled Lake Citizens for Parental Rights (WLCPR) is concerned that the Walled Lake Consolidated School District (WLCSD) is adopting practices that are illegal and putting the district and children at risk. WLCSD administration is refusing to accept parental written Opt-Out of sex education, specifically the parents use of the Great Schools Initiative (GSI) Opt-Out Form.

The GSI Opt-Out Form is broader than the school's typical form. The typical forms focus on the class(es), but do NOT deal with the Rogue Sex-Ed that is occurring outside of the approved class and curriculum. Rogue Sex-Ed can include anything from graphic sexualized books, discussions about sex and questions about sexuality occuring outside of the approved curriculum and class. According to Michigan Law, Rogue Sex-Ed is illegal! The GSI Form includes a section that provides parent's the ability to Opt-Out of the Rogue Sex-Ed as well as traditional sex-ed.

Schools may only teach Sex Education if they comply with state law, which mandates ALL sex education must take place in a specific class, with approved curriculum, under a trained instructor, AND parents have the right to Opt-Out their child without negative repercussion! Violation of this law not only rejects student and parental rights, but also puts the school at risk of losing significant funding from the state.

Why is Bernia rejecting the GSI Form? Is he capitulating to those who are engaging in Rogue Sex-Ed?

WLCPR leaders sat with Dr. Bernia and clarified the parents' position as well as the law, however, Dr. Bernia has refused to accept the legal parental written Opt-Out as provided in the GSI Opt-Out Form. No where in the law does it give the school or the administration the authority to reject a parental written opt-out!

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has provided guidance that has encouraged Districts to violate this Michigan Law. The MDE has, wrongly, encouraged districts to reject the GSI Form. GSI has sent a letter to every Superintendent in the state in which it provided schools clarity about the law and rebutting the misguided statements of the MDE. GSI even provided evidence from the MDE's own law firm, Thrun, in which the firm encourages schools to accept the GSI Opt-Out Form and place it in the student's file.

Protect your child today. Download and turn in the GSI Opt-Out Form. If the District continues to stand in the way of you protecting your child let GSI know, their attorneys are ready to help.

Also send Dr. Bernia an email explaining your concerns about his unwillingness to accept Parental Opt-Outs.

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The actions of a predator????

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