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Walled Lake Schools and Teacher's Union Caught in Illegal Election Action & Potential Cover Up

The Walled Lake Consolidated School District (District) has been presented with clear evidence of illegal activity by specific staff members and the teacher's union. The District, the District Board, and the Superintendent (Dr. Bernia) have acted in an unprofessional and unacceptable manner. When legitimate policy violations have been uncovered, the District has delayed response or hidden all information, reports, and responses. Apparently, the administration is not accountable and does not feel any responsibility to the public.

The Walled Lake Citizens for Parental Rights (WLCPR) has presented clear evidence of illegal use of school resources in the 2022 elections. The teacher's union, teachers, and administrators were involved, aware, and potentially colluded to illegally use school resources to raise money for a Progressive Teacher PAC, specifically targeting parents. WLCPR uncovered irrefutable evidence and presented it to the District on December 15, 2022. The illegal actions were violations of school policy, the Walled Lake Education Association’s (WLEA) union contract with the District, and Michigan law. WLCPR demanded the District investigate violations utilizing a third party to conduct an independent audit. WLCPR also demanded recommendations be outlined for the District's Board of Education or the Legislature to consider penalties and enforcement measures to prevent future violations.

In a meeting on January 11, 2023, WLCPR, yet again, brought this issue to the attention of Dr. Bernia and restated their demands. Dr. Bernia replied that it was being “looked into”, but that he required more time to complete his investigation before he could respond. In light of Dr. Bernia having just started his position in October of 2022, WLCPR was generous and granted Dr. Bernia that additional time.

On January 20, 2023 Dr. Bernia, again, delayed, stating he needed more time.

WLCPR, being more than patient, reached out again on March 9, 2023, stating it would seek further action against the District, if the District did not fully respond by March 17, 2023.

On March 17, 2023, Dr. Bernia responded, stating, "Thank you for your communication. We engaged outside counsel, who have investigated and we responded appropriately to the allegations."

No other documentation, reports, or evidence of action were provided. And as far as we know, the Board was NOT informed.

When WLCPR reached out for further clarification from Dr. Bernia, NONE was given! Again, it appears the District views itself beyond reproach or accountability to the parents and the community.

The public is entitled to know the outcome of this investigation and if punitive measures have been put in place to prevent such violations from happening again. We rightly expect our public schools to operate with integrity and ethics. Further, we expect them to comply with the law, and to uphold and adhere to their own district policies.

After being perpetually stonewalled by Dr. Bernia and the WLCSD, we have been left with many serious, unanswered questions:

  1. Who else from the District was complicit in illegal campaign fundraising and misuse of school property?

  2. Did an investigation utilizing a non-partial third party occur?

  3. How was the investigation carried out?

  4. What were the findings of the investigation?

  5. How much money was raised and, specifically, to which campaigns and organizations were these contributions given?

  6. Are there disciplinary actions that have been taken against the individual(s) and organization(s) that committed these violations?

  7. Have preventative measures, with consequences, and reporting been put in place? What are these measures?

  8. If any or all of these items have been left unaddressed, who is making these decisions and why?

We expect the Walled Lake Consolidated School Board to look into these serious issues as the District fiduciaries. We also expect the District to operate in full compliance with school policies, state law, as well as adhere to community transparency.

Contact the School Board today and demand an open investigation - EMAIL THE BOARD

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Sad to see only one comment on this. We are finding out with each passing day the type of individuals running the public school systems across the country.The lack of logic and common sense is alarming. The lack of integrity and honor is becoming a pandemic . I'm not surprised about Walled Lake. Issuing pornographic material to the children through the library are the actions of predatory behavior. Cheating on elections is just part of the overall package and comes as no surprise. It's what they do.


Can you take them to court to get the information?

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